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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Ryan Blau reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
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My son and I are training here together and both love it. Great academy with a family feel!

Kris Freeman reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

Sampa is big enough to keep u learning and changing but small enough to be friendly, inviting and oh so challenging. If you want to work out and never be bored, u got to join a bootcamp session. It is awesome. Julie is the best! Always on point! She knows her stuff and is always willing to help you be a better you. Very cool gym!

Al Gonzales reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

I have been in martial arts for most of my life and I can say that I love everything about sampa, All the instructor are great .when it came time to put my 7 year old son in jiu jitsu I looked around even out of my area.we made sampa to be place we call home..
Thank you Sampa Family.....

Jennifer Garcia reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

Super friendly environment! Great coaches!! It’s like a big family, everyone just pushing each other to do better!

Anastasia Lomas reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

Sampa is a top tier BJJ academy. The inside is huge with plenty of room, the staff is always friendly and informative, the students have a reciprocating desire to learn and get better, and the instructors are passionate and patient to teach and excited to see you succeed. Professor Nathan Basseto is incredible and I highly recommend him

Monica Killen reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

If you are looking for a BJJ academy that stays true to the art of BJJ, this place is it. Sampa is owned by a globally recognized 4th degree black belt named Professor Renato Migliaccio. Prof. Renato strives to provide high quality BJJ classes and it shows through his continued practice to maintain training in BJJ and other mixed martial arts. Prof. Renato has the ability to recognize the interests and athletic needs of the community he serves. I highly recommend this academy for children as young as 3 up to adults. If you come to Sampa you will be warmly welcomed to the Sampa family.

Ako Yonezawa reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

What not to love this place?? My son has been with Sampa for 2 years and he loves this place so much that he literately goes there 7 days a week! Great coaches and staff! They genuinely care about their students.

Melissa Obeidat reviewed Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness
via Facebook

Hands down the best choice I ever made for my son. He’s learned discipline, has more confidence, and can defend himself.
Clean facility, amazing staff, and Prof. Renato is very involved with his students.

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Why training In BJJ & How Will it pay back

Reasons why you can Training BJJ & How make it pay for itself.

Never Pay For Jiu-Jitsu Again!

You might not believe in it, but this is true.

The other day I (prof. Renato) attended a seminar, where the speaker said that: “ A Very Good Year Can Wash Off All The Bad Years” and I believe in it too.

Many of us want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, but finding it difficult to pay for its tuition, but why?

There are numerous reasons why we want to begin training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and let me name the most common according to my knowledge:

For Self Defense:

BJJ has been established to be one of the most successful hand to hand fighting system on the planet. It’s a great solution to defend or protect yourself on the streets and many want to learn it for self-defense purposes.

For Fitness:

Some want to be fit, be in better health & want to be stronger. Jiu Jitsu is a fun form of fighting that requires full body exercise without being aware of the workout, that is why they want to learn it for fitness purposes. It’s warm up, drills & the fighting will literally elevate your fitness. Many want to get in shape while learning this life-saving skills.

Learning Something New

While learning something new couold be scary, many people like the challenge and attempt to try martial arts. Learning & training BJJ can quickly sharp your brain and keep yourself young and also helps in building confidence in you.


BJJ allows you to do extremely well in an athletic endeavor. That is why some want to accelerate their Jiu Jitsu so that they can take part in highest level competitions. By competing in BJJ they want to empower themselves so that they can control their life.


Some want to paint their career throughout the martial arts. They want to paint their career as a stunt in the movies, and that is why they are learning different martial arts so that they can provide better services when they are performing.

Jiu Jitsu is not only a sport, it’s a way of life. While not everybody devotes their life to BJJ, for some this is really what makes them pleased. There are ways that you can turn your passion into your career to make a living and support yourself and your family.

The Teaching Route:

You can start teaching martial art, BJJ, fitness, and kickboxing classes, giving seminars and private lessons to a sustainable income.

Start your own academy

This is one of the most rewarding ways of making a living with BJJ. For this, as an instructor, you require upholding the BJJ values that you have learned all through your experience to give your students the best promising BJJ learning.

Become an instructor

This is the most challenging way to a sustainable career in BJJ. Because it is very difficult to be an acceptable teacher to earn & hold students in the long run.

There are numerous others way like you can turn yourself into the stunt, referee, competition organizer, you could work on the organization, you could be those guys behind the desk for changing the score, you could be those guys who actually put the mats down, start up the match, you could be anything.

These all are the byproduct for the battle minimal for you to make some money when you learn Jiu-Jitsu. This is actually the decision that you can make for living out of there. And not necessarily to let you go the first go they were together.

You need to put some time and effort to learn the battle minimal requirements to make a living and support yourself

This all can pride BJJ when you learn it.

So whenever you say Jiu-Jitsu is expensive, don’t have enough money, find it little too hard or too complicated paying for its tuition these all implies that you are making enough efforts to pay for it. Now you can find many- many ways to get the money to pay for your tuitions.

To achieve your goal you have to work a little hard which is the true sense of the martial arts.

So, it’s better for you to expose yourself as a person of hard work and not feeling that martial art is cheaper for you so that you can purchase it.That the sense of life that we want for our students.

So whenever you start receiving money from Jiu-Jitsu, it is the actual money that you invested in Jiu-Jitsu. It will come back to you if you start teaching or working related to Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ will repay for your time & effort spent someday.

So think about it, think about your children and go for it.