What is Kangeiko?

Kangeiko is a very traditional Practice in martial arts where the students or athletes come during the winter early morning for the martial arts and in our case the jiu jitsu training.
In a place like Japan where most of the martial came from the winter is very tough and practicing in the winter is meant to give the athlete or Student an mental toughness edge.
In places like Brazil or Southern California it does not get that cold as Japan but 49 Fahrenheit is still cold for many of us.
And yes we did start the training with a 15 minutes run exactly at 5:30 A.M. with 49 degrees.
We got back, finished training with some old or traditional jiu jitsu break falls and self defense techniques then we move up with one hour of Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques and followed of another hour of sparring and finished the practice with Muay Thai Kickboxing pad training.
The total amount of training was 3 hours each day t0talizing 6 hours of training in one weekend.
For many athletes it is a regular routine practice but for most of our jiu jitsu students in Glendora that practice around 2-3 hours per week due to not being professionals, this train was really a great experience that led them to a different level in their practice.
We are looking forward to the summer training. As this is becoming a regular practice of our school Sampa jiu Jitsu.
This weekend 2/16/18 Friday to Saturday we will have our 2nd kids Kangeiko where the kids will come and train sleepover wake up early morning on Saturday and train again.
It is a perfect time to enjoy the Valentine’s dinner and leave the kids at Sampa bjj Working hard on their bjj skills.
Call now 626-335-4971 for Glendora or 909-444-9944 For Walnut and Diamond Bar.

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