Teens and Jiu Jitsu

Parenting could be challenging, specially when it comes to teens, it is a tough age where kids can be easily influenced by others and many times it could be a bad influence.

Please consider the following Stats:

1999 – 2006 Leading causes of death for teens 13 – 19 year old

48% unintentional injury (driving, poisoning, drowning, discharge of firearm)

13% homicide

11% suicide

The rest all make up less than 7% (Cancer, Heart disease, Pneumonia, other health causes)


40% unintentional injury

17% suicide

14% homicide

We are experiencing a very new era, an era of social media, smart phone, fast speed on solving tasks. But our kids are living that way too. Everything Must be fast and fast rewards. But life isn’t that way, learning and experience requires a certain time to spend in order to acquire them.

But our kids and teens are being trained to do not wait and move on to another task and another and that way never accomplishing much. All this is leading now to a identity crisis and depression.

Teens, must be well trained to be good members of our society, they need to learn that one must run his/her own race and having  some recognition or social status doesn’t matter if do not contribute for the good of our society.

Leadership – The act of leading a group of people or organization

Social Status – A person’s standing or importance in relation to other people within a society.

Words to think of:
Purpose, Ambition, Drive, Perseverance

All positive words.

In many Martial arts schools teachers stress a lot words to think of: Respect, Honor, Humility, Grace, Integrity

We all need to have a purpose, something that you want to do. And when I say purpose it’s not catching the coolest Pokemon. That could be something that you want to do, but not something that you live to do, which is your purpose.

Although it is possible to turn playing Pokemon go into something great. Who knows maybe you come up with the best game ever or an advanced technology inter-dimensional game. In order to do that you must have other qualities mentioned such as ambition, perseverance and the will to do what it takes to get something done.

Social status

Where you stand in relation to other people within a society. Let’s say your parents and you came to an agreement that you would do your best in school to get to the best universities. Let’s say USC. What GPA do you think it takes to get into USC?

Now let’s suppose one of your 4 years in high school you decided to hang with a certain crowd, a crowd that didn’t care so much about grades. They cared more about their image to the rest of the school. That semester you didn’t perform at your full capabilities, and your GPA dropped to a 3.5. You didn’t get into USC, and that was the agreement your parents and you made. So now you disappoint your parents, yourself, but not that group of friends.

Do you think it was worth it? Maybe it was worth it then because you had fun, that’s the truth but overall it wasn’t.

You have to weigh out everything you do. You have to keep the end in mind. And what’s the end? Maybe to get a job you love, and raise a family. Maybe it’s to be a doctor? Or an artist? Or to own your own yacht? Maybe it’s to try and end world hunger?

Whatever it is you have to think of the end in mind and everything you do now will work towards it. Of course you’re very young and don’t need to know what you want to do yet but you do have to realize that everything you do now is working towards a better future for yourself.

There’s a saying:

Everything you did up until this point got you to this very point, whatever you do RIGHT NOW is going to get you to the next level.

Here at Sampa Martial arts we believe that we should not only teach submissions and take-downs but we need to instill in our kids and teens good manners and the idea that everyone is important to our society and every one has and should claim a role in our society to be a force for good.


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