Sampa Turkey Roll – Graduation – Tournament and Gym Upgrades

Sampa Turkey Roll and Gym Upgrades

We had our 7th Turkey Roll this year at the thanksgiving day 9am kids and adults participated. We had a great turnout! We had many participants including many adult and child students.

The Turkey Roll started at 9 am featured an hour and a half of sparring. It was a great experience. The students came to celebrate Thanksgiving and to spar with their friends and colleagues.

Afterwards, we closed from Thursday to Sunday to the public, but the work did not stop for us at Sampa Jiu Jitsu Glendora. We took that weekend to change the floors and chairs at Sampa Glendora, replacing the old carpeting and chairs with wooden floors and benches. On Monday, our students were surprised to see the change to the Glendora Sampa.

We also made some changes in Walnut Sampa Location  as well. We cleaned up the location, packed everything away, and began our move to our new Walnut Sampa Jiu Jitsu location at 355 S. Lemon Ave Unit L Walnut, CA.

This past weekend was also very busy. On Friday, we had our graduation and end of the year party at Sampa jiu jitsu Glendora and Walnut. The kids had a blast and played on the mats while the adults hung outside. People brought beers and food to share and we had a good time celebrating the end of the year party, hosted for the first time at Sampa grounds as we used to rent another Facility.

The next day was our holiday sale which was amazing. Many people took advantage of the 25% off deal and was able to pay for their programs for the year. Many people also came to buy new Sampa martial arts gear and uniforms.

On Sunday we had our in house tournament. We had a blast. It was one of the best turnouts we’ve had!

This tournament was also unique because it was a free tournament. It was our way to say thank you to our students for participating in our events this year and for training with us. Our tournaments featured matches with the little pee wees, then the juniors, then teens, and finally, the adults including some Muay Thai matches. It was amazing to see so many Sampa Martial arts students on the mat.

Posted by Sampa Walnut Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thank you to everyone for training with Sampa Jiu Jitsu this year. Please keep an eye out for our many events coming up in January and February.

If you would like to train Brazillian Jiu Jistu, Muay Thai, Boxing, or boot camp with us, call 626-335-4971 for our Glendora location and 626-977-1050 for our Walnut location.

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