Summer Camp program offers recreational and sports activities during the children’s summer vacation periods

SAMPA Jiu Jitsu Kids Summer Camp wants to take advantage of the summer break to encourage sports activities and physical activities in children.

SAMPA Martial arts summer camp seeks to promote fellowship and great relationships, as well as respect for others and the environment, tolerance, plurality, personal freedom and solidarity. SAMPA summer camp offers classes for Kids between the age of 5-11.

This year 2017 our main focus was to develop physical abilities using wrestling techniques and training as a tool to achieve such development.

Also The main objectives of this program are:

– To promote in the student attitudes of responsibility towards the environment that surrounds them.

– Promote the hobby of physical activity and sports as a fundamental means for the development of a healthy life.

– To guide the students in making healthy decisions in physical and sport activities.

-To offer a unique camp atmosphere in which sports are emphasized.



Besides wrestling we also had other activities at our summer camp as:

Sports: Judo, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu

Water activities: outdoor and indoor.

Games and crafts.

Periodic evaluations will be carried out throughout the course to verify that this progress follows the appropriate evolution and if not, the relevant changes will be made to help the student to be able to reach the proposed objectives.

We also held every Friday a Wrestling competition where students had to work hard to win medals and deal with possible failure.

On Wednesdays we had our field trips where we went for swimming, museums, laser tags, movies, bowling, and trampoline.

Our Martial arts Summer Camp in Glendora ended already on the last week of July but we will be hosting another summer camp next year!

If you want your children to enjoy the school holidays, in a healthy and sport oriented environment, do not think twice and please visit us today and for more information call us at: Call Now 626-335-4971 or


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