Sampa Jiu Jitsu Glendora 6th Anniversary

In the beginning of May 2017, we celebrated our Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school six year anniversary.

We are so proud of the progress we have made in the past six years. When we first started, we had no students and one location.

Six years later, we have two locations, nearly 400 students, and associations with schools around the world in countries like Canada, Brazil, Belgium, England, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

We have one of the most comprehensive programs in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, maybe in the world we can say. Our students start as young as 2 and a half years old and are as old as 65 years old.

We offer Kickboxing classes, Muay Thai classes, Judo classes, Krav Maga and fitness classes. We are very happy with what we have accomplished so far and are excited to see where we will go.

During our 6 year anniversary party, we held our graduation and promoted many of our adults and children students.

We also promoted two of our purple belts to brown belts. These two have been with Sampa almost six years and have trained with us since they were white belts. Coach Ruel Pira and Coach Alex Gomez.

We are very proud of them and I can’t forget to mention that they are also two of our best coaches.

They are two hard workers we can’t wait to see when they become Black belts.

If you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Walnut, please call 626-977-1050. If you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Glendora, please call 626-335-4971.

There are many reasons why adults look into start Jiu Jitsu training:
* Learning the martial arts alone, its philosophy, history education etc,
* To pursue a carrier and eventually teach,
* For self-defense purposes – Learn How to kick butt and be confident,
* For fitness and work out – weight loss and better Health,
* For Competition,
* To make friends – better life style, stress release etc.
* Discipline
Parents usually look into Jiu Jitsu so their kids can Have:
* Discipline meaning Respect
* Self-Discipline – Commitment – hard work – Focus
* Self defense
* Competition
* Make Friends – get off the computer and games – Quality friends.
* To enforce Values and morals taught at home.
* For acquisition of physical abilities such as strength, coordination, speed and resistance – also weight loss.

If you want learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so please call 626-335-4971 in Glendora and in Walnut 626-977-1050. Thank You!

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