Sampa Jiu Jitsu Dec – January Recap. You Can’t miss.

Dear Friend,

We all Know that December is a busy time of the year but we make it even busier. Even with Professor Renato being away in Brazil the activities do not stop.

Our Staff here doing an amazing job and Prof. Renato getting busy there in Brazil.

December Started with our Graduation and End of the year Party (Friday), then next day our Amazing Holiday sale (Saturday) followed by the Tournament (Sunday).

December 8th prof. Renato and Prof. Nathan finished a UJSA judo federation coach certification on the 9th we participated on the Glendora Holiday Christmas Parade, an amazing experience even Professor Nathan a very quit gentleman said that we can’t stay out of it!!!! Also on the 9th prof. Renato also competed in Judo USJA nationals.

As we started getting closed to Christmas prof. Renato went to Brazil, there he visited his classmates of University of Sao Paulo, Many of them are sports federation managers and directors, now in Brazil.

Prof. Renato also went to the Bonenkai (end of the year Party in Japanese) at his old Judo school. Many meetings about how to conduct training, management and a possible visit to Japan.

Our representative in Germany Hans Hutton also became Santa Claus and went to Thailand to donate toys for tots.

As the weeks go by Prof. also visited some Sampa affiliated schools in Brazil, where he could teach and train.

Prof. Had Time to Finish some certifications and courses, as you can see below, much more to come.

As we entered January our events start popping up such as, Parents Night out – game Night, Martial Arts Review Class for adults and Kids and 6 Weeks Fitness Boot Camp as well the 8 Weeks Start Fighting Martial Arts Camp for Beginners.

Watch for our video contest and for our Jiu Jitsu Camps in Big Bear (March) and Italy (May) the dates are up.

And Last but not Least I had the pleasure to teach a Seminar at Ryan Gracie School – Xcoach where I could meet many of my training Partners and teachers, a very blessing experience.

Now, Off to Thailand, to train and get some business partnerships for Jiu Jitsu Camps.


Prof. Renato

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