Referral Contest Winner – Tournaments and Holiday Schedule

Yes friend! Leyla won the referral contest!
I should say that this one was the easiest one to win!

With only 2 referrals who tried the $29.99 she won the contest.

We thank her and her family for the compliment paid to the school, and the support.
She now won the Ambassador Gi.

Congrats Leyla!

Of course we thank all the others that referred a friend but not won.
Thank you so much!

Also three kids competed this weekend.
Jesse got second Place.
Leyla also got second Place.
Jordan did not Place this time.

Congrats to all the effort done by their parents and the kids.

This Past weekend was also full of activities, starting Friday night with our adults  No Gi – guillotine seminar, we covered  guillotine attacks from Mount position, Half Guard and side Control Position as well the details of the grips and the necessity of rolling the wrist to adjust the choke.

We also showed an old technique yet illegal now called ” The Cervical” – this technique mechanics is very similar to some guillotine situations. After the seminar we had again an amazing BBQ and get together with all the attendees.

On Saturday morning 10 am we had our Super Training, What is Super training? it is a class where all the students are invited to come and train we students from other classes and programs. Kids and adults Participated in that class as well coaches and students had the chance to spar with their coaches.

During super training we go some rounds of BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ no gi and Muay Thai. It is an amazing display of the culture of our school.

More News:

We started a competition class for all those kids in the Elite Program.
So far the competition class is every Thursday at 5 pm.
We will be focused in BJJ competition and judo competition, because maybe in the future your child can get an university scholarship in judo.  See University of San Jose.

Don’t forget:
Graduation Coming up soon 12/1/2017 and End of the year Party Potluck.
Holiday Sale (amazing savings) 12/2/2017 – 12 pm
In house Tournament – Free 12/3/2017 – 9:30 am – Please register even though it is free!!!


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