Martial arts Super Training – Oktoberfest and Book Test

Two weeks ago, we had a Saturday Super Training at Sampa Martial arts and fitness.

At the Super Training, we had all the students from all the programs come together to train all at once. Students from Adult beginners and Elite BJJ, children’s BJJ, Youth Kick Boxing, Adult kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

All the students came to train on their weaknesses and work on their sparring. Each student got to meet with other students from different classes, locations, and martial arts styles, so they all got to learn something new from each other. They learned to control their strength, be mindful of themselves and their partner, and pay attention to the things around them because almost 50 students were on the mat at one time.

They had to learn to control their energy and space in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We were really happy to see the students evolve at this event.

Afterwards, we did an event geared towards the kids: the Book Quiz. We recommended the kids read “The Way of the Warrior for Kid”.

This book talks about the philosophy of jiu jitsu and an uncle, a navy seal, who helps his nephew work hard to be more disciplined in all aspects of his life. In doing so, he helped his nephew to succeed in life. After the quiz, the students who scored the highest received two stripes on their belt as a reward.

Finally at the last event of the day, our Oktoberfest. All the students came outside to the parking lot and we had a pot luck. Each person brought something to contribute like appetizers, drinks, snacks, meats to grill, and dessert. We spent 5-6 hours grilling, talking, and bonding. Students from both our locations had the opportunity to meet each other and to get to know professors from each location. Overall, our event was a success!

Even though our Oktoberfest has passed, we still have a few exciting events coming up. This Tuesday, we have a knife and kickboxing seminar with the man who teaches the Popes’ security. He will come and share important knowledge about anti-terrorism and other styles of weapon defense.

He will be conducting a knife seminar and Japanese kickboxing. Then, on the 20th we will have our Parents’ Night Out Halloween Party.

Finally, on the 21st we’ll have the wresting seminar at 11 am. If you would like any more information about any of these upcoming events, please contact us 626-335-4971


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