Martial Arts Practice and Psychological Health

At a BJJ Martial Arts School, instructors should believe that someone’s total well being, both psychological and physical, can be strengthened simultaneously.

While the physical aspects of exercise and Martial Arts training improve general health, it likewise improves emotional health with increased self-confidence as well as prevents tension, stress, anxiety and depression.

At first glance, martial arts simply seem to be a way to blend exercise and self-defense training. However, many martial artists see their practice as not only a means to achieve these goals, but as a pathway to self-mastery.

Martial arts practice usually incorporates an element of meditation and breath control, and takes place in an environment of discipline, self-respect, and courtesy to others. These practices improve psychological health by promoting relaxation, and mind-body coordination.

The psychological literature on the Martial Arts has been amplified, and “Martial Arts and Psychology” has become an accepted Medical Subject Heading (MESH) term. The literature approaches the Martial Arts as an independent form of therapy, and it includes studies that examine the therapeutic effects of the physical training and discipline, as well as those that point out the processes of Martial Arts training which are similar to those of psychotherapy.

Explanations in the literature of the basis for the psychic benefits of the Martial Arts focus on the provision of physical activity and group experience, the positive role model of the instructor, and the emphasis in Martial Arts (such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Krav Maga) training on values such as respect, humility, responsibility, perseverance, and honor. These attitudes and values become a model for the student, which can then be generalized to many arenas of living.

In Martial Arts training, with its emphasis on the defensive, rather than aggressive use of the techniques, one must learn the containment of aggression and mastery of the fear of being attacked, so that potential attack is faced without the “contamination” of thoughts or feelings.

In sum, the available psychological literature about the Martial Arts emphatically concludes that they produce therapeutic effects on patients and therapists alike, through their simultaneous physical and interpersonal focuses.

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