Learn to teach – Teach to Learn

The past weekend we had a little break here at Sampa jiu jitsu school, We had just one event, the Muay Thai test.

But Prof. Renato did not have a break, he went to San Diego for his continuing education and trained there at FKA Gym, Filipino Kali Academy and get answered some of his questions. Kali is an amazing art,(after Jiu Jitsu/Judo of course – according professor lol) and he is very excited to be a student again. The most amazing part is Today when Prof. heard “in Kali we learn to teach and teach to learn”.

When more experienced people help the less experienced making them become better martial artists and at the same time, them, the teachers will better themselves because of the teaching.

Thank you Mr. Greg Cerezo!

He is trying to learn as much as possible now from other Martial arts, understand their philosophy and their culture and develop the Sampa systems with the best we have available from all over the world and its Martial arts.

“Hopefully I will become a black belt in two or three more Martial arts before I die, as well learn three more languages (Italian, German and French)”.


Now Back to Sampa Jiu Jitsu Academy – October 14th will be our Super training – it is a day where all students spar jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, Muay Thai, and after that we will have a potluck party the world famous Sampa bjj Oktoberfest!


October 17th we will have Mr. Antonio La Salandra teaching some amazing kickboxing since he is a world champion and amazing knife defense technique. Mr. Orlando is the one who teaches the entire Pope security guards.


October 20th will be our parent’s night out – Halloween themed, it is an event not related to martial arts at all so friends are welcome. Kids will go through a maze and after will play.

Sampa Martial arts will provide: Costume contest and medals, hotdogs and refreshments.


Don’t Forget:

Starting with our Promo: 4 weeks of Martial Arts Training for only $29.99 – amazing deal – when a friend of yours get to be on a trial, students will get 5 points – if this friend becomes an actual student then an extra 10 points will be awarded. At the end of the contest, whoever gets more points will win an Ambassador Gi.


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