Knife Training – University Judo Scholarships – New Classes and Survey Results

Last Night we had a great time training with Master Antonio La Salandra, he showed great techniques for self defense, based on his extended experience in Kyokushin Karate and techniques for knife fighting based on his Experience as a police officer in Italy. He is a Captain of Rome police, he teaches at the police academy and he also teaches the Swiss Guards which are the Security Guards of the Vatican and the Pope himself.

It was an intense seminar and he really set the pace of the class where students were actually working hard and really trying to reproduce a situation of attack on the streets.

Prof. Nathan, coach Ruel and Myself attended the class and we loved it, also a long time friend, the man who first brought me here to United states to teach, Alberto Crane also came. Alberto is a great Martial artist Competed in the UFC and has a great school in Burbank – Legacy BJJ.

We had grown so much as a Martial Arts school, and may people in the industry see our posts and get to know of us, many want to come and teach, but just a few have the privilege to do so.

That been said I really want to thank all the attendees to help us making this happen and support Sampa BJJ in its endeavors and attempt to bring the best that is available in the world to your back yard. Also Check the Certificate I got last night, It is an official Italian Government document certifying that I am a martial artist, They do Things different there, it seems that the government needs some approval on ones background before any teaching. So I am officially read to teach in Italy when the opportunity comes.



Besides the amazing seminar we want to communicate that here at Sampa Bjj we are seriously trying to grow our judo Program, since Judo is already a huge part of our curriculum, and since prof. Renato is also a 4th degree black belt in judo and had been competing his entire life in Judo we want to take advantage that judo is an Olympic sport and many colleges and universities are now offering scholarship.

We want to provide these opportunities to our kids not only compete and train in BJJ but to compete and train in Judo to possibly achieve an Olympic medal or a scholarship in a University.

I urge all the parents to do some research and check which Universities have a Judo program and which offer scholarships.


Survey Results: the survey that went out a couple of months ago, helped us to start new classes and they are up and running, so please make sure that you know that those classes are happening as of now:


Krav Maga Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8pm and Saturdays 11 am

Little Lions – Parents and me: Saturdays 10 am (Coach Alex)

Youth Judo Class (Teens and Juniors and Pee wee advanced only): 5pm on Thursdays (prof. Renato and Prof. Nathan)

Teens: Saturdays 10 am

Physical Conditioning for fighting: Tuesdays and Thursday 8:30 Pm (just half Hour with Coach Nate)

Adults Judo: Wednesday 8:30 Pm

Adults Leg Locks: Mondays 8:30 Pm.


Possible Classes coming soon:


Adults BJJ 9:30 am

Adults BJJ 12:00 pm

Youth BJJ 6:00 pm Thursdays

Elite BJJ Competition Class: Thursday 6pm

Youth Wrestling 11 am.

Youth Wrestling Monday and Wednesday 6 pm

Parents and Me Tuesdays and Thursdays Morning 10 am

Time to Play open Gym (pre- school ages) Monday and Friday 9am



Please Reply to this email of you like one of those classes.








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