Tournament Pictures + Labor Day Closed

Dear Students,

Sampa Brazilian Jiun Jitsu – Martial arts and Fitness will be CLOSED on Monday September 4th because of Labor Day.
We have not done a great job announcing it in class but please be advised that we are closed that day.

The in-house No GI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament was yesterday and  besides great jiu jitsu matches and great display of sportsmanship We had a great opportunity to talk to each group of students separately,  we could talk about bjj rules and our rules, talk about experiencing losing a jiu jitsu match, about our martial arts school culture, about hard work and much more!

We want them all to win their jiu jitsu or martial arts matches indeed, but we from Sampa Jiu Jitsu rather have them to be winners in the Life endeavors then just a medal winner, but those medals will help to shape our kids for sure!

Also Check the tournament pictures on this link, share as much as you will and if you haven’t done yet a review to our martial arts school please do so.

Sampa Staff

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