Jiu Jitsu Graduation & Seminar and New Events

This Weekend again at Sampa jiu jitsu we were full of activities, starting during the week, where we had an amazing attendance for many of our Martial arts programs such as pee wees bjj, junior jiu jitsu adults jiu jitsu, and also great attendance on the Fitness Boot camp, The jiu jitsu classes early in the morning were great with 10-12 people in it and the fitness 5:15 am also breaking records.


It seems that people now really got back on track after the summer.


Last Friday we had our guillotine No Gi jiu jitsu seminar geared to the adult’s class, by the way guillotine are not allowed for kids in Jiu Jitsu. We covered some guillotine set ups, guillotine from guard and standing, we also covered the different finishes of guillotine and the differences in between guillotine with the arm in and without the arm.

Watch out for the guillotine seminar Number 2, we will cover even more stuff.

Later that night the students of Sampa jiu jitsu stayed for a BBQ, a little warm up for our Oktoberfest that will happen October 14th right after the super training.

Students had an amazing time talking jiu jitsu, politics anything!


Saturday we had an amazing graduation party at Sampa Jiu Jitsu, students form the adults bjj program, from the kids bjj program, Youth kickboxing, Muay thai program from Glendora and walnut location came out to received their well-earned belt. It was a great spectacle where parents, grandparents, cousins all the family came out to support.

Here is the link for the Graduation Pictures:

09/30/2017 – Belt Promotion Ceremony

Posted by Sampa Walnut Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Sunday, October 1, 2017


Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is maturing as a school we not yet graduated a black belt from white to black due to Sampa BJJ having only 6 years. But we are almost there and at the end of this year we will have at least 3 more brown belts and some more purple and blue.

Hopefully by next year our first black belts will raise.


This month is full of activities and the students will be very excited to participate in these events.


Starting with our Promo: 4 weeks of Martial Arts Training for only $29.99 – amazing deal – when a friend of yours get to be on a trial, students will get 5 points – if this friend becomes an actual student then an extra 10 points will be awarded. At the end of the contest, whoever gets more points will win an Ambassador Gi.


October 6th, it is a teens Night an event geared only to teens – it is not a BJJ event related at all teens will come to hang out and get some pizza and watch an appropriate Movie.


October 14th will be our Super training – it is a day where all students spar jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, Muay Thai, and after that we will have a potluck party the world famous Sampa bjj Oktoberfest!


October 17th we will have Mr. Antonio La Salandra teaching some amazing kickboxing since he is a world champion and amazing knife defense technique. Mr. Orlando is the one who teaches the entire Pope security guards.


October 20th will be our parent’s night out – Halloween themed, it is an event not related to martial arts at all so friends are welcome. Kids will go through a maze and after will play.

Sampa Martial arts will provide: Costume contest and medals, hotdogs and refreshments.

October 21th Our First Wrestling Mini Camp, we will teach awesome wrestling techniques for kids to use in school during season, for self-defense for coordination and strength. Beginners are welcome as the class will be divide in beginners and experienced.


October 27th Ladies night is a night where the ladies will come and bring all their friends to Sampa Jiu Jitsu they will learn self-defense in class then will hop into our Sampa Fitness boot camp class and at the end they will refresh themselves with drinks that they will bring.

Only women allowed!!!


October 28th is also a great and very important event – Our also famous stranger Danger, where we will teach kids to not only avoid some risky situations but also how to be respectful to strangers without talking to them.



October 31st Sampa Will provide to all the community of Glendora a haunted house where kids will come and bring their friends will go through the maze and off they go to the streets with their parents for trick and treat. Parent can provide a trunk and treat.

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