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The Jiu Jitsu way of living at the Sampa Martial Arts Academy

There is a popular saying in Martial arts that says that if one cannot defend himself on a ground fight then he can never ever defend himself. One of the most effective forms of martial arts that teaches the contenders to grapple the opponent using ground fighting techniques is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is not only a martial art but also a combat sport, which teaches a smaller, or a weaker opponent to fight against a stronger opponent using grappling techniques. The Brazilian Jiu jitsu also known as BJJ has become popular in the western world and one can catch a glimpse of some talented youngsters mastering this art form at the Sampa Martial arts academy.


The Sampa Martial Arts Academy

The academy believes that the students have found the right place to learn the Jiu Jitsu. The academy encourages children as well as adults to practice this art form not for competition but for general fitness and well-being. Instructors at the academy teach grappling techniques to defend oneself on the ground. One need not be young or old or a male or female to learn this art form. If one is keen to build on their physical strength and stamina then the academy is the right place to learn the sport.

Train as a Family

The academy has occasional classes that combine children and adults together. It offers packages for families who are learning the basics at the academy. This teaches them to strengthen their bond and come together as a family. It teaches the adults to allow their children to have their own journey. Without being critical they must allow their children to spread their wings and let the moves take their own course. It also allows the family to have fun while practicing the moves.

Children build an incredible amount of confidence in them through this sport. They develop their skills whilst earning their belts in a positive environment. The BJJ teaches child life skills such as respect for the other, discipline, a positive attitude and mental focus. It teaches the child to avoid dangers by making them alert and cautious. The BJJ improves a child’s overall flexibility and makes him agile and quick.

Martial Arts for parents

The adult programs at the academy are designed for men and women of all age groups. Adults generally look for rebuilding their strength and stamina, weight loss and the BJJ techniques only help them take their fitness to the next level. It also offers the adults ways to connect and interact with other parents and one often sees that in the academy. It is a great sight when parents collaborate with their children and other families to do something that is fun and interesting.

Family event at the Academy

The Academy had a family event where all the children had to get their parents and interact with each other by teaching them basic moves. This event has greatly improved the participant’s social and interpersonal skill that has brought great confidence amongst the children.

The Academy believes in a simple goal that ensures kids and parents are healthier and happier and know the skills that they will carry with them in their entire lives.


There are many reasons why one look into start Jiu Jitsu training:
* Learning the martial arts alone, its philosophy, history education etc,
* To pursue a carrier and eventually teach,
* For self-defense purposes – Learn How to kick butt and be confident,
* For fitness and work out – weight loss and better Health,
* For Competition,
* To make friends – better life style, stress release etc.
* Discipline
Parents usually look into Jiu Jitsu so their kids can Have:
* Discipline meaning Respect
* Self-Discipline – Commitment – hard work – Focus
* Self defense
* Competition
* Make Friends – get off the computer and games – Quality friends.
* To enforce Values and morals taught at home.
* For acquisition of physical abilities such as strength, coordination, speed and resistance – also weight loss.

If you want learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so please call 626-335-4971 in Glendora and in Walnut 626-977-1050. Thank You!

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