Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

Dear Friend,


It is that time of the year that Sampa Martial Arts and Fitness should come up with a great deal for you, that once came here and tried our classes or even you who once were our student for while, and for whatever reason did not continue training.


Also if you are a member and want someone else in your family participating in this promo, this is a great time to jump in. Now if you are a student I should say that the Holiday sale might be a better deal, reply back to this email and we can help you choose the best promo.


Thanksgiving sale:

Martial Arts: Six months of Martial Arts training (we usually sell only one year programs) with a 20% discount If Paid in full $788.

Fitness: Three months of Fitness classes If paid in full for only $345


Now, if you have a PayPal account, try to get what is called called PayPal credit, you can pay your balance in six months without interest and you still save 20%.



This offer is only online if you don’t know, like and trust us, I understand you won’t buy it, actually you should even be reading this email up to here lol


Click here for martial arts


Click Here for Fitness

Best Regards Prof. Renato

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