Importance Of Tournaments and Competitions

Here at Sampa BJJ Academy, we encourage all of our students and team members to compete. Although we believe that Competitions are just a small part in the Martial arts we still encourage everyone to experience it. Experience the preparation for it the 12 weeks prior, the diet (in case of adults), It is a for sure thing: YOU GET BETTER!

On April 29th/2017, we will be doing our Sampa in-house tournaments.

We recognize that competitions aren’t for everyone, however, we think that if you can fit competition into your schedule, you should enter one of the numerous tournaments constantly running.

This is a great opportunity that we are giving to the kids to compete in the vicinity of the Sampa BJJ Academy at every skill level, from new to greatly experienced. The tournaments will help kids learn how they would react or how they would function in a situation of a stress.

Actually competing brings countless benefits. Competitions act like a stress test that helps you know, which parts of your sport are strong and what are weaker. You may possibly have a really solid half guard, however, learn that you have to work how to pull or reach half guard from any position during stress.

There are holes in everybody’s game, that can be more identified when competing and maybe later fixed. Competitions open you to a larger array of Jiu Jitsu styles/games that you might not have seen in your BJJ training classes.

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We all need to put ourselves in some stress to learn about our physiology once in a while.

Competition can help kids and adults in learning how to react, how their physiology works, and how their mind works under stress. The more we do competitions and tournaments the more we will be able to function better under pressure and under some sort of stress.

Therefore it’s very important to be able to participate in this in-house tournament. This tournament is meant for kids and adults to provide them a safe and controlled environment, where they will compete against the people that they know.

Our own Jiu-Jitsu instructors are participating in this tournament as referees. They are also exposing themselves to stress in the real life situations and also becoming better at what they do.

Professor Nathan is the leader in this tournament, he is actively refereeing in many tournaments around California, Arizona and Nevada, like Dream, BJJ World League, NABJJF, Abu Dhabi Pro and BJJ Tour. We are very happy to have Professor Nathan as a member of our staff.

In this tournament, we will be able to provide a great quality of referees, the best quality matches in a safe and controlled environment to allow the kids and adults to get the vibe of a tournament and lift their confidence by training with their peers.

Winning or losing is the part of the tournament that students need to understand. The competitions can make students not scared of losing but scared of not fighting. It’s  very important if you became a black belt, but haven’t competed then there is something missing in your training.

You need to compete and  expose yourself, put yourself in stress, learn your psychology, learn how you might react to the stress, and you need to know that otherwise, you will be an incomplete black belt. This tournament can give your kids the strength to move past every training level, and accelerate their rate of learning.

For the parents, we would say it’s easier to make your child get started into in-housetournaments. You will see some will do better and some will not. But the more your children do it,  the better they will become.

Participating in this tournament for the adults will be a little harder, but it is right for you. We cannot go back and change our past and the way we started things, but we can always make a new way future. So starting competitions now are important for you to be able to get better and evolve in Jiu-Jitsu.

We hope everyone will have their chance to participate or try their best, at least to participate in this upcoming in-house tournament. We hope to see many people there. Give us call at 626-335-4791 or dial 626-977-1050 for our Walnut location tournament.


Posted by Sampa Walnut Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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