Flavio Canto in Ribeirao Preto

Recently, Flavio Canto was in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil and our Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teachers got a chance to meet this very talented BJJ and of course judo player.

Flavio Canto is a Brazilian male Judoka and BJJ black belt. In 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, he won the bronze medal. He has also won 3 medals at the Pan American Games. He was one of the best world class ground game (ne waza) fighters in the judo community when he was competing.

Flavio Canto is perhaps one of the fascinating Judo athletes to watch and is known for employing BJJ (ne waza) submissions and techniques into Judo.

He is not only a great personality, but a humble person who has helped many poor people in Brazil to get out of poverty through the sports. He teaches them how to become better and get out of crime by giving underprivileged kids an opportunity to live.

Flavio Canto has started a social project called Instituto Reação in the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro. It is an amazing project that is transforming poor and neglected kids into black belts through competitions, games and training. In this Instituto Reação, Flavio Canto focuses on humility, discipline, determination and courage through judo and BJJ.

He is not only a great Judoca, but he is also one of the best Jiu-Jitsu guys around. All our Sampa instructors went to his seminar to learn and get the opportunity to be side-by-side on the mat with this living legend. There he talked about his social projects and joined a clinic of BJJ and Judo.

We were very happy to see from the United States bleacher our Sampa Brazil representatives, having an amazing time. It was not only about judo, but Jiu-Jitsu also.

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