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The week of October 21st to October 29th whilst prof. Renato was teaching in Austria we had also a week  full of events here in Glendora Ca and in Brazil.

Prof. Renato  Migliaccio went to Austria to teach at our 5th BJJ intensive camp. This camp was very international with students coming from Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, England, and Belgium. We met for 4 days and trained BJJ for 5 hours a day. Each day, we had 3 classes at the same time: Beginners, Advanced, and a special class (No Gi, Footlocks, Self Defense, Wrestling, Kick boxing, etc). We had many new people including people who have never done BJJ before, so we had to start a very basic beginner course that was even more basic than the normal beginners class. This was a great challenge for us to be able to teach so many different levels of students. But we Made it and Loved the Challenge.


Meanwhile, back in the U.S. at our Sampa location in Glendora, on  a Friday Evening we hosted our first Ladies Night for our Fitness and BJJ female students. They all came to hang out for the Ladies Only night. There, we had a 30 minute workout led by Coach Kate and then a 30 minute self defense class led by Coach Alex, followed by drinks and snacks. After, the ladies hung out and had some fun while got to know each other more. We look forward to another Ladies Only night soon.

Saturday we had our very famous Stranger Danger seminar led by Coach Alex. We taught the kids how to deal with strangers, recognize whether strangers are bad or not, how to recognize bad people, to understand that most people are good people, and not walk in fear, to try not to talk to strangers and when talk to strangers, to stay close to parents, and to take responsibility on trying to stay close to the parents when in public.

And on that Sunday we start our youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes on Sunday, we hope that class grows, It is meant to fit students that can’t make during the week so they can train Saturday and Sunday as well. Saturday Youth BJJ classes are 10:00 am and Sunday they are at 10:30 am.

Also this weekend, two of our students of Sampa Brazil became black belts in Judo. One of them was Professor Guilherme Fogarollo. He was a brown belt in Judo for many years. It is a tedious process in Brazil to get your black belt in judo as well cost a lot and many people give up on that idea, to regret later.  But Prof. Guilherme went back to the FPJ (judo federation) and started studying, did all the tasks and classes/courses required, and this weekend was given his black belt in Judo. Now he is a black belt in BJJ and judo. Also with him Mr. Julio Soncini also got his black belt in Judo this weekend. Julio is one of our students at Sampa BJJ Brazil and is a purple belt in BJJ and is now a black belt in BJJ.


Finally, on Tuesday Oct 31st we had our first Halloween Haunted House where we invited all the kids from Glendora and surrounding areas not only our students to come to our Sampa BJJ Glendora location and put on a haunted house for them. We had many trick or treators! Thank you to those who volunteers and helped out to hand out treats for the kids, with their trunk or treat, as well all the Sampa staff.



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