Congratulating My students and Jiu jitsu Video technique For you

We would like to congratulate Yvonne Bobadilla for completing a 39 miles walk.

Yvonne is out Fitness Boot Camp Student and she did it for a great Cause, fighting breast cancer and building Cancer awareness.  Congrats Yvonne!


We would like to congratulate three of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Junior students who already have read the book that we asked them to read, the “Warrior Kid” book¬† and some did it in a matter of days and now they are pressuring me (in a good way) to test them. What a great Problem to Have! Ava Phillips, Nathaniel Wendling and Santiago Lugo, Congrats!!! Maybe others have read it already but We were not yet notified to this moment so we apologize in advance if We did not cited your name.

We must also congratulate our students who came to the knife seminar this Saturday learning great self defense techniques on knife defense, the seminar was taught by Mr. Angelo Collado a great martial artist and a 4th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.

Now here is a technique video for you!

6 ways of passing half Guard

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