Bring the best coaches to Sampa

We try hard to bring the best coaches to Sampa Jiu Jitsu, not only that, but we try harder to make our coaches the best martial arts coaches they can possibly be.

Sending them to train in Miami, Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Brazil, Europe and most recently Israel and Azerbaijan not only to train jiu Jitsu but to learn other types of martial arts that are important to our Sampa systems.

Also looking to bring you the most updated techniques and ways of doing great martial arts.

We brought in the summer 2015 a wrestling coach (Valentin Kalika) to Sampa and in 2016 he was elected coach of the year after making the first American female wrestler Hellen Maroulis Olympic champion.

Later I connected Kalika with the president of the Brazilian Wrestling federation and he arranged to Mr. Kalika to teach the National team, and off he went to teach them and they loved it.

They thank me to this day!!!

The Funny part is, when he went to Sampa only 10 people attended!!!!

Sad! No good!!! It is an amazing opportunity not available in many places.

Recently we brought another world class level instructor, Prof. Celso Venicius, and this time the students understood the importance of being in this class and came out to support the three times Black belt division IBJJF World Champion.

Later in September we will have Mr. Angelo Collado teaching self-defense against knives and in October a Italian police officer special force teaching, knife self-defense, K-1 kickboxing and self-defense against guns or awareness, because we all believe that if you engage in a confrontation where guns and knives are available you have great chance of getting injured so we want to minimize the chance of injuries.

Also starting June 15th we will have our judo classes every Thursday at 8:30 pm after advanced BJJ class. Do not miss this opportunity to step up your game and learn great balance and throws.


Prof. Renato


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